Locksmiths Break In Tips: Shockingly Easy tips to protect your home

Quiet, quick and shockingly easy: What I learned from watching locksmiths break in – and five of their best tips to protect your home

  • The Master Locksmiths Association is warning people about their home security
  • They are advising people to have top security locks fitted on their doors
  • Experts reveal that many people don’t realise how easy their locks are to break

I am standing watching as a man uses a metal lever to break into a wooden door. He wedges it between the frame and the door itself, pulling the tool towards him again and again, separating the lock from its bolt.

Although he is using great force, there is little to no sound of the door frame cracking under the pressure.

Within just twenty seconds, he has managed to leave the door hanging wide open, giving him complete access.

Fortunately, this isn’t a robbery taking place on a residential street somewhere in the UK, as I watch aghast and wondering whether to step in. Instead, I am at the new headquarters of the Masters Locksmiths Association, in Rugby, where locksmiths with decades of experience demonstrate how easily criminals can gain access to your property.

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