Locksmith well hall se9

Just completed a job after the tenant called a national company . The Customer left keys inside and shut the door. This job would have been easy for a trained Locksmith. This company did not know what they was doing and completely destroyed the lock. Also did not have a new replacement lock and left the customer with an open door I was able to obtain a new lock. Left the customer with a working lock.

National company destroyed well Hall SE9

Control access with doors you can trust

Your door is the gateway to your home.

As such, you want it to be as solid and protective as can be. Which means it being strong enough to withstand even the most determined burglar.

Whether you live in a flat or a house, your front door will always tell a thief the levels of security surrounding your home. If it looks really secure and burglar-resistant, then they’ll think twice about trying to gain entry.

A locksmith belonging to the Master Locksmiths Association will check to see if your door is secure and made of solid timber or a robust composite. The locksmith can also reinforce the frame and check if the locks and hinges are British Standard approved.

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Refurbishing an Old Rim Lock

Thanks to Jeff Turner for cleaning, repairing, refurbishing, repainting and cutting keys by hand to this old rim lock for a customer.

The customer was delighted with the finished product.