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Incident Report: Attempted Unauthorized Entry

Date: 24/06/2024

Lost Keys Request: Yesterday, I received a WhatsApp call from an individual who claimed to have lost their keys. They asked if I could open their door and copy a key. After informing them of the additional charge due to the extra time required, they inquired about the cost of changing the locks. I provided a quote, which they accepted, stating they would get back to me.

Suspicious Activity: In the afternoon, the initial WhatsApp conversation was deleted. The same person messaged me from a different number, sending an ID that looked legit but still raised doubts. The WhatsApp profile picture was of a woman, but the ID was for a man. They agreed to meet in 40 minutes, mentioning that a neighbor would let me in.

On-Site Encounter: Upon arrival, two builders were waiting, claiming it was an Airbnb property. I explained my policy of not letting anyone in without proper ID and proof of residence. They attempted to contact the supposed owner, who said they would arrive in an hour. This seemed suspicious, as it appeared someone was trying to gain unauthorized entry.

Safety First: I decided to call the police, providing them with all the information, and left without unlocking the door. Later, I learned that the builders had paid a significant amount for the Airbnb but couldn’t contact the person who initially reached out to me. Consequently, they lost their money, and I did not get paid for the call-out.

Conclusion: This incident underscores the importance of verifying identities and maintaining strict security protocols. Always be cautious and vigilant when dealing with property access to ensure safety for all parties involved.

Lockmaster1 ID Requirements for Service

At Lockmaster1, we prioritise your safety and the security of your property. To ensure that our services are provided only to those with the legal right to access a property, we require the following identification:

Required IDs:

  • Government-issued photo ID:
    • Driver’s licence
    • Passport
  • Proof of Residence:
    • Utility bill (dated within the last 3 months)
    • Lease agreement
  • Authorisation (if applicable):
    • Written and signed authorisation from the property owner or manager

Presence Requirement: The person entitled to access the property must be present and remain with the locksmith throughout the work. This ensures clarity about the legitimacy of the entry, protecting both the locksmith and the property owner.

Data Handling Policy:

  • Retention Period: Proof of ID will be retained for 12 months.
  • Purpose: The data is held to ensure security and legal compliance, preventing unauthorised access.
  • Data Security: All retained data will be securely stored and accessible only by authorised personnel.
  • Right to Erasure: Customers have the right to request the deletion of their personal data unless there is an overriding legal need to retain it.

Why We Require ID: This policy is in place for your protection and the security of your premises. It helps prevent unauthorised individuals from gaining access to your property. By verifying your ID, we ensure that our services are not misused, maintaining safety for you and your property.

Right to Contact Police: If we find the provided identification insufficient or suspicious, or if doubts arise about the legitimacy of a request to enter the premises, we reserve the right to contact the police. This ensures that information and data are verified by law enforcement, maintaining the highest security standards for our customers.

Legal Compliance and Protection: To protect ourselves and ensure compliance with UK law:

  • Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957 & 1984: We maintain a duty of care to visitors, verifying identities and ensuring legal access.
  • Data Protection Act 2018 & GDPR: We retain personal data only as necessary, complying with GDPR requirements on data retention and security.

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Contact Information:

  • Emergency Locksmith Services: [Your Contact Information]
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Remember: Your safety is our priority. Always insist on proper ID and proof of residence before allowing access to your property.

S.O.S: If you find yourself in a similar situation or have any security concerns, please contact us immediately. We are here to help and ensure your safety.